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IPOST - Iowa Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment

Health Care Professionals

The Joint Emergency Communications Center of Johnson County is proud to partner with Honoring Your Wishes: A Community-Wide Advance Care Planning Initiative and the state-wide IPOST Task Force to help ensure that people’s health care preferences are honored. If you have completed an IPOST (Iowa Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment) medical order with a person who resides in a private home setting and would like to notify us, please download the form below. Having this entered into our dispatch system will allow us to properly inform the appropriate agency in the event of an emergency.

Download the IPOST form

Please send this form to ipost@jecc-ema.org or fax to 319-338-0028

For further information on IPOST, please go to http://idph.iowa.gov/ipost/form.

For more information on advance care planning and to view a video on IPOST, please go to: www.honoringyourwishes.org