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Johnson County Weather

Weather Alerts

Be informed of weather conditions in Johnson County. Sign up for weather alerts affecting where you live. Visit our Johnson County Alerts page for more information and to sign up.

Weather Stations

Several weather stations are placed throughout Johnson County to give accurate, current weather conditions. Click on a link below to view the weather conditions throughout the county.

Become a Storm Spotter

Real-time reports are critical in issuing warnings and saving lives. Storm spotters provide real-time ground-truth of local conditions - such as hail size, wind speed, tornado development, and local damage - to help warn the public. Even as new technology allows the National Weather Service to issue warnings with greater lead time, spotters will always serve as a critical link between radar indications of severe weather and what’s happening on the ground.

Visit the National Weather Service page for Storm Spotter training. Click on the Training Schedule to view the upcoming in-person and virtual class classes.

SkyWarn Weather Reports

SkyWarn is a program sponsored by the National Weather Service. SkyWarn uses amateur radio as one method of communicating with spotter groups and emergency management. The Johnson County SkyWarn page contains reports from storm events.